Scary Glow

Features that everybody loves from the new Light Up led purge mask with interchangeable lenses. Features that every face wants Clear Vision, Comfortable fit, Adjustable Comfort, Indoor/Outdoor Protection, Automatic On/Off. Easy to use with all the controls you need right on the face. Brightness Options Brightness Control, Low/Med/High, Outdoor/ indoors. Size – It is now made to fit most face sizes, easily adjustable.

Scuba Diving Enthusiasts Talk About the Purge Mask

We have two main choices in the Masks that can be used with our new LED lights. The first is the Hard Clearance which has three interchangeable lenses. The second is the LED Lightup Clearance with two interchangeable lenses. Either one can be used as a night time mask and as an everyday mask to help reduce sun damage.

This brand offers all kinds of face protection for daily wear or to protect your face while at work or even at night. LED lights are great to help reduce glare and make your skin look fresh and glowing. With our LED purge masks, you will always be smiling and feeling great. You can purchase the LED lights online at the official website for more information. An all in one cleanser and moisturizer works great with our Halloween purge god mask and it works to tighten the skin and reduce flakiness caused by the dry skin. For an added splash of color we suggest adding some dye to your LED god mask. Halloween is coming up soon, so get your very own purge mask before it is sold out this year. Check out our website for more information on our scary Halloween masks.