How to Take a Screenshot on Windows

The easiest way to take a screenshot on windows – haxk is to press the Alt + Prt Scr keys at the same time. Pressing these keys will capture the screen as a picture, and will save it in the Clipboard, which is a folder for copy-and-paste text and screenshots. Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut ‘Print Screen’ to capture the entire screen, as well as a single window.

Why Need to Take a Screenshot on Windows

screenshot on windows

To capture a screenshot, use your mouse. To do this, click the desktop or any other visible area of your computer screen and hold down the Shift key. Press the Print Screen key, located on most keyboards, usually after the F12 key. To take a screenshot with Windows, you can also press the Alt + PrtScn keys at the same time. This will create an image that will be stored in the Clipboard.

Another option is to save the screenshot as an image. To do this, you need to open Paint and press Ctrl+S. Select a folder for saving the screenshot and change the file type to PNG or JPG. JPG is the best option because of its high quality and low file size. To send a screenshot, simply hit the Ctrl+V key or press Alt+P. This will automatically create a new jpeg image with your desired dimensions.