Commercial Solar Panel Systems – Why They Are Cheaper Than Residential Solar Panels

Commercial solar systems have many advantages over residential ones. They are more efficient and have greater reliability. Also commercial solar systems typically cost less to install; they don’t rely as much on the sun’s energy to power them as residential solar panels do. Most commercial solar systems are larger than even a small residential solar PV system, at least for perspective. For perspective, the smallest residential photovoltaic system available on the market is around 8 KW, while the largest commercial solar energy generating system can come in the megawatt range, powering hundreds of kilowatts (KW).


The bigger picture though is that commercial solar panels can actually provide a lower overall cost to implement in comparison to residential ones. This is because large commercial solar power generating panels are typically more efficient and can use the same kind of technology that residential panels do. The only real difference in the efficiency of commercial solar panels comes from the size and number of the panels. More panels on a large scale can potentially deliver a larger overall capacity per unit of electricity produced. Also note that unlike residential panels, commercial ones usually come in standard sizes, allowing them to fit into the roof space that may be less than ideal for residential panels.


When it comes to the overall cost of installing commercial solar panels, they are much cheaper to install than residential ones. This is because they do not rely as heavily on the sun’s energy to power them, but rather on the same kind of technology that residential panels use. In fact when it comes to the installation costs, a commercial solar panel system usually costs less than one hundred dollars per watt of capacity. Of course, the more watts you need, the more you will pay for the system. But when you compare the price to the overall cost of buying and installing the system, it is often well worth the investment.

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